In Zaika, we believe that the very first rule for cooking delicious food is using good ingredients. Therefore, only the freshest vegetables and fruits of the season can pass through our doors.
Our meat is sourced from free range animals in the highlands. Nothing containing preservatives or added sweeteners is allowed in our kitchen.

We travel to Fethiye to buy our meat 2-3 times a week. Our butcher Savaş saves the best meat for us from the highlands of Fethiye. Our sausages are made from the most succulent parts of the meat and by only using spices.

We buy homemade spices, sauces and pastes from our friend Müslüm Bey far from here, in Urfa. We go visit the turnip expert Doctor Yılmaz in Adana for pure turnip juice. Our olive oil is made using olives collected from the best grove in Kaş; our pomegranate syrup is from Antakya, and the churned butter is from Elmalı.

Buying the best products we can find, whatever the price, is the reason why we love our job, and you will love Zaika.